Human Resources



Albers & Company goes beyond benefits to provide companies with HR services through our subsidiary, ConnectHR. ConnectHR can provide your company with strategic solutions and hands-on HR Support. These Services can be integrated with your benefits plans to create and innovative packaged solution. 

ConnectHR is here to provide strategic, long-term solutions that help our clients improve their business. What impact can ConnectHR have on yours?

  • A full service HR department for employees and management without additional staffing expense
  • Employment programs that support your culture and strategy
  • Professional, service-oriented HR administration
  • HR that is off the desk of management talent and in the hands of HR experts
  • Confidence in your employment law compliance

 Albers & Company is part of a family of companies that includes The Wilson Agency and ConnectHR. Together we provide clients complete solutions through our Health & Welfare, Retirement and comprehensive HR Services. 

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