Relentless Dissatisfaction Cycle (RDC)

Today’s approach to managing one's employee benefits  often occurs in a silo. It’s addressed as a line item in the employer’s budget, albeit a costly one. It’s a reactive approach where company-wide decisions are based on isolated, specific complaints or demands.

Because most of the focus is on annual premium cost increases, employers think shopping their benefits each year is a wise solution, failing to understand the real costs of an ineffective benefit program - employee resentment and disengagement.


With the Accountability Edge, employers break the cycle by establishing an initial action plan that includes:

  • setting a customized, 180-day renewal timeline, and
  • determining renewal increase parameters and plan design alternative, based on projections, 150 days before renewal

Even in the first year: no surprises. Imagine a conversation with 'employee benefits' and 'satisfied' in the same sentence.  It's easy to get started. . . 

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