Workplace Benefits

should have a positive ROI.

Typically the employee benefits investment is made largely by the employer, but the value of workplace benefits is determined by the perception of employees.

When the value does not equate to the investment, no one is satisfied.  Employers consider cutting benefits or shifting costs - an action employees resent, that further erodes perceived value.  We call this the "Relentless Dissatisfaction Cycle."

That's just one reason why, in 2007, Albers developed The Accountabilty Edge(TAE), to address some of these fundamental flaws in the traditional benefits management approach. 

The TAE helps our clients identify and manage their costs, maximize their benefits investment, engage their employees and accomoplish their goals. 


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"Current economic conditions create opportunity for benefits to improve employee attraction, retention and productivity because employees will become increasingly dependent on their company benefits."

10th Annual Employee Benefits Trends Study,
March 19, 2012   MetLife

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